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WorldChanger Pamphlet [Pack of 10]

$ 20.00

WorldChanger Pamphlet [Pack of 10]

Raising Up a WorldChanger in Your Family

A Guide for Parents of Kids Considering a Vocation in Christian Ministry


To view a complete copy of Raising Up A WorldChanger in Your Family click here. [This material cannot be downloaded or reproduced without written permission from the author.]


 What is WorldChanger all about?

This pamphlet will give parents the confidence and tools to fan into flame the passion of a child who is considering a life of service in ministry or missions.


Who WorldChanger is for?

Parents of children in grades 3-6 are the prime group but there is benefit for children who are even older.


What will you learn in WorldChanger?

Parents will learn…

  • Their important role in nurturing a ministry mindset in a child
  • What God typically uses to “call” people into vocational ministry
  • Indicators that a child is beginning to hear a call into ministry
  • Fifteen things a parent can do now to help a child walk toward ministry
  • Specific resources are available to assist them
  • Seven important beliefs and practices for effective ministry at any age


What’s unique about WorldChanger?

Parents acquire basic knowledge and tools to birth or nurture a vocational ministry mindset in a child. In addition to the information in the pamphlet, parents can access a webpage for additional resources and internet-based activities. The pamphlet is uniquely designed to allow you to literally open the doors on a whole new world of opportunity for a fruitful life for your child.


Where do I find the list of current WorldChanger resources available?

This web-based list of current resources is updated when new resources become available or current resources are no longer available. Click here for the current list.


To download a copy of the WorldChanger Resource List click here.



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