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Walking with Jesus for Kids [Pack of 5]

$ 40.00

Walking with Jesus for Kids [Pack of 5]

A Step-by-step Guide for New Christian Kids 


To view a complete copy of Walking with Jesus for Kids click here. [This material cannot be downloaded or reproduced without written permission from the author.]


What is Walking with Jesus all about?

After becoming a Christian, a child will learn the basics for living as a Christian.


Who is Walking with Jesus for?

The prime group is children in grades 3-6.


What does Walking with Jesus do?

In 7 steps, new Christian kids learn how to begin walking in their new-found faith.


What will you learn in Walking with Jesus?

Children will learn:

  • How to know for sure that you’re a Christian
  • How to be a fully-devoted follower of Jesus
  • How to read your Bible so you learn from it
  • How to talk to God like your very best friend
  • How to get God’s power to do really hard things
  • How to get stronger from other Christian kids
  • How to tell others the way to become a Christian


What’s unique about Walking with Jesus?

In addition to basic help, kids learn powerful truths that are not typically shared at their age level, such as how to live a fully-devoted life and how to receive God’s power to do hard things. Action Steps are suggested throughout to help with applying what’s being learned and each chapter concludes with a quiz on the core truths.


What’s included in Walking with Jesus?

The set includes the Step-by-step guide and a 28-day starter journal to practice one’s own daily time with God in the Bible reading and prayer.


What are others saying?

Your material is fabulous!  I really like how you use scripture to teach kids.  Is it possible to order a rush shipment of books by Easter?!?

LeAnne S, Lansdown VA


We are praying for new believers and would like to gift kids who make a decision for Christ.

I would like to order two packs of “Walking with Jesus, A Step-by-Step Guide for New Christian Kids”. Your materials are excellent!

Don R, Mattoon IL


Walking With Jesus offers a wonderful introduction to a lifetime of learning to walk with God…

Rev. Dan Scarrow, Wadsworth OH


I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the discipleship materials you have developed. As part of my volunteer work at the county detention center, I am doing a Bible study with a 12 year old former “inmate” and often struggle with material appropriate for his age. Last week, just after you gave me “Walking with Jesus” and “Chronicles of Faith”, I was able to incorporate Step 2 into our lesson. This young man responded very positively to the creative format and relevant examples. I’m excited to continue with the remainder of the book and look forward to working with him on “Chronicles of Faith”. Since our goal at the detention center is to mentor more post release youth, your material will provide me with an exciting and Godly program. Thank you so much.

Mary B, Cleveland OH


[Walking with Jesus] enables children to learn at their own pace what it means to truly follow Jesus.

Rev. Marv Parker, Waconia WI


Walking With Jesus is an outstanding discipleship tool that can be significant

in reaching, cultivating and developing “Champions for Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Arnold Fleagle, Amherst OH


My grandchildren loved it!  I recommend it to you without reservation.

Rev. Dan Wetzel, Colorado Springs CO



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