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Walking with Jesus for Adults [Pack of 5]

$ 40.00

Walking with Jesus for Adults [Pack of 5]

Walking with Jesus for Adults  

My New Life – A User’s Guide for New Christians


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What is Walking with Jesus for Adults all about?

After becoming a Christian, a person will learn the basics for living as a Christian.


What does Walking with Jesus for Adults do?

In 7 steps, new Christians learn how to begin walking in their new-found faith.


What will you learn in Walking with Jesus for Adults?

People will learn:

  • How to know for sure that you’re a Christian
  • How to be a fully-devoted follower of Jesus
  • How to read your Bible so you learn from it
  • How to talk to God like your very best friend
  • How to get God’s power to do hard things
  • How to get stronger from other Christians
  • How to tell others the way to become a Christian


What’s unique about Walking with Jesus for Adults ?

In addition to basic help, new Christians will learn powerful truths such as how to live a fully-devoted life and how to receive God’s power to do hard things. Action Steps are suggested throughout to help with applying what’s being learned and each chapter concludes with a quiz on the core truths.


What’s included in Walking with Jesus for Adults?

The set includes a User’s Guide and a 28-day starter journal to practice one’s own daily time with God in the Bible reading and prayer.



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