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SilverSword Bible Memory Program Family Combat Guide [Pack of 5]

$ 25.00

SilverSword Bible Memory Program Family Combat Guide [Pack of 5]

SilverSword Bible Memory Program Family Combat Guide  


To view a complete copy of the Family Combat Guide click here . [This material cannot be downloaded or reproduced without written permission from the author.]

To download an editable version of the Award Plan click here.

To download an editable version of the age 2 – grade K Progress Chart click here. Email dennis.barta@dzresources.org for details. 

To download an editable version of the grade 1-6 Progress Chart click here.


What is The SilverSword Bible Memory Program all about?

Using the Family Combat Guide, kids will master-memorize 95 verses from age 2 through 6th grade. In addition to the 95 core verses, children may choose to memorize 41 bonus verses.


What does The SilverSword Bible Memory Program do?

The purpose of the SilverSword Bible Memory Program is to saturate the minds and hearts of children with the Word of God so they will grow strong and healthy as children of God. The benefits include…

  • Helping children to meditate on the Lord and his ways
  • Helping children to understand God’s plan of salvation
  • Giving children something to guide them in their prayers
  • Giving children guidance when they face a problem or need direction
  • Giving children a weapon with which to fight temptation

What will you learn in The SilverSword Bible Memory Program?

This program will bring breadth and balance to what the kids memorize. Included in the program is the memorization of the Books of the Bible and the subjects of 18 major chapters of the Bible.

Children learn verses in fourteen subject areas…

  • Salvation
  • Bible Knowledge
  • Bible Memory
  • Relationships – family, friends and church
  • Worship
  • Prayer and Devotional Life
  • Spirit Fullness
  • Gifts/Talents/Skills
  • Outreach/Witnessing
  • Stewardship
  • Christian Service
  • Missions
  • Christian Character
  • Promises

What’s unique about The SilverSword Bible Memory Program?

  • A Family Program. This Scripture memorization program is designed to be used in the home but it could also be run as part of a church’s children’s ministry. Either way, the program is family-driven, and serves children age 2 through grade 6. While the program is designed for children, its impact is increased when parents and even older siblings participate.
  • Parental Involvement.  Even when the program is church-based, it is most effective when the whole family participates. Children will learn their verses better and faster when they receive encouragement and practice at home. The family may work on these verses together. Older brothers and sisters can help younger ones.
  • Peer Support. When the program is conducted in the church, all the children in each grade are working on the same verses. This means that whenever and wherever the kids are together they can quiz each other on the verses they are memorizing. Sunday School teachers may choose to have children memorize Silver Sword verses in their classes.
  • Translation.  The widely accepted and child-friendly New Living Translation is used in this program.

What’s included in The SilverSword Bible Memory Program Family Combat Guide?

The Family Combat Guide includes charts of what is to be memorized for each age or grade level. Also included are indices of Verses by Subject and by Book. An Awards Plan is explained. Reproducible progress charts are included. The Awards Plan and Progress Charts are also available in editable downloadable versions on this website.


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