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Communion Book [Pack of 10]

$ 50.00

Communion Book [Pack of 10]

Hungry for More?

What Communion Is All About for Kids


To view a complete copy of Hungry for More? Click here. [This material cannot be downloaded or reproduced without written permission from the author.]

What Hungry for More? is all about

When children become interested in taking communion, this booklet will help them be fully prepared to take that important first step.

Who Hungry for More? is for

The prime group is children in grades 3-6. Children can use the booklet themselves or parents and teachers can use it to teach about communion for children.


What Hungry for More? does

Children get prepared for communion so it will be one of the most meaningful experiences of their young Christian lives.


What will children learn in Hungry for More?

Children will learn answers to these questions…

  • Is it really important to take communion?
  • What’s so special about communion?
  • How is communion usually observed?
  • What do the bread and juice mean?
  • Who can take communion?


What’s unique about Hungry for More?

In addition to learning about communion itself, children will think about why they want to participate and what they can expect when they do. The material can easily be made into a series of lessons for teaching communion to kids.


What Hungry for More? is like on the inside

Click the arrow to read the first several pages. [show 1st 7 pages]


What’s included in Hungry for More?

In addition to the clear teaching, the booklet includes…

  • A 10 question quiz
  • A 10 step baptism preparation checklist
  • A Baptism Request form
  • Pointers on how to prepare one’s personal testimony
  • The Good News in Colors
  • My Spiritual Birth Certificate
  • A Baptism WordSearch puzzle
  • A Word to the Parents


What are others saying?

These booklets are an excellent resource for any church that is interested in raising up children who want to know for sure why they believe what they believe, and then follow through with communion and baptism.”

Evelyn P, North Kingsville, OH

ISBN 978-1-4675-9150-8



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