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What Others Are Saying About DZR

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What Others Are Saying About DiscipleZone Resources

Maybe you’re curious about DiscipleZone Resources. You’ve not seen the materials so you’re not sure what to think. A good way to find out for yourself is to order a sample pack of all seven resources. Aside from that you might find it helpful to read what some actual users have to say.


“I love these resources.”

Karl Bastian, Founder & President




“DZResources has been a wonderful tool for many of our churches and even individual families. The attention to discipleship and the “next step” tools are absolutely vital for ministry. Dennis does a superb job and he’s the first place I recommend people look for the kind of tools he offers. From individuals to churches to whole denominations I highly recommend DZR and consider it to be one of my very top “go to” ministries.”

Melissa J. MacDonald, Children’s Disciplemaking Specialist



Our Children’s Ministry program has been using the Disciple Zone resources for a couple of years. After children have invited Christ into their lives, they become curious about baptism and communion. We have given out many copies of the booklet, Want Water? What Baptism Is All About for Kids. Parents have been so grateful to have this tool to help their children understand their readiness for this important step in their faith. We have just begun using Hungry for More? What Communion is All About for Kids  as another follow-up tool for kids after they have invited Christ into their lives. We are so grateful for these resources to help our kids develop as young disciples of Christ.

Beverly Murray, Children’s Ministry Director

North Ridge Community Church

Scottsdale, Arizona



I truly appreciate the Disciple Zone Resources from Dennis Barta, they give our leaders and parents great confidence knowing that our children fully understand these important concepts.

Want Water? from Dennis Barta is the most clear and effective tool for communicating the importance of baptism to children I have used in over 25 years of church ministry.

Dennis is a caring and gifted communicator who provides parents, teachers and pastors with powerful and effective tools that explain the truths of Scripture to children, I highly recommend Disciple Zone resources to your family or church.

Finally someone has prepared materials that take the fear and awkwardness out of teaching the truths of baptism and communion to children. The Want Water? and Hungry for More? workbooks are so effective, we require our children and their parents to complete them before participating in baptism and communion. Thanks Dennis!

Rev. Dean Lancaster, Pastor

Flushing Alliance Church

Flushing, OH



Walking With Jesus for Kids offers a wonderful introduction to a lifetime of learning to walk with God.

Rev. Daniel Scarrow, Director of Leadership Development

Central District

Wadsworth OH


I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the discipleship materials you have developed. As part of my volunteer work at the county detention center, I am doing a Bible study with a 12 year old former “inmate” and often struggle with material appropriate for his age. Last week, just after you gave me “Walking with Jesus” and “Chronicles of Faith”, I was able to incorporate Step 2 into our lesson. This young man responded very positively to the creative format and relevant examples. I’m excited to continue with the remainder of the book and look forward to working with him on “Chronicles of Faith”. Since our goal at the detention center is to mentor more post release youth, your material will provide me with an exciting and Godly program. Thank you so much.

Mary Bradigan

Cleveland OH


Walking with Jesus for Kids enables children to learn at their own pace what it means to truly follow Jesus.

Rev. Marv Parker, Former Director of Disciplemaking Ministries

The Christian and Missionary Alliance

Waconia, WI


Walking With Jesus is an outstanding discipleship tool that can be significant in reaching, cultivating and developing “Champions for Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Arnold Fleagle, Senior Pastor

Trinity Church

Amherst, OH



My grandchildren loved it!  I recommend it to you without reservation.

Rev. Dan Wetzel, Vice-President for Church Ministries

The Christian and Missionary Alliance

Colorado Springs, CO



Our children’s leader has often said how much she loves your material.  Our ministry with kids has improved since we started using it.

Rev. Santi and Claudia Basiletti, Lead Pastoral Couple

The Christ Community Church

Miami FL