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WorldChanger Resource List

Raising Up A WorldChanger in Your Family
Change the World: Near & Far Resource List

The following resources can be used to help kids develop a global ministry mindset.

  • The Mission Minded Child and The Mission Minded Family by Ann Dunagan. These books are filled with facts, information, stories and tools for raising a new generation to fulfill God’s purposes.
  • Torchlighter Series – Heroes of the Faith. Torchlighters are action-packed, award-winning animated DVDs, featuring real-life faith heroes that kids can depend on. Each DVD features the life story of the hero, a full-length documentary; four-lesson leader’s guide; and reproducible study materials; English and Spanish tracks; subtitles and more. Visit www.torchlighters.org
  • Kids of Courage Magazine. This quarterly magazine features stories about children in countries that are closed to the gospel or unfriendly to Christianity. While this magazine has ceased publication, previous editions are still available for viewing and download. Visit  www.kidsofcouragemag.com
  • Kids of Courage. This site is all about children that live in countries that are closed or unfriendly to Christianity. Included are real life stories, a world map, a chart that explains the beliefs of non-Christian religions, videos and downloadable Bold Believers books (40 page books packed with info about living as a Christian in 19 different countries that are closed to Christianity). Visit www.kidsofcourage.com
  • Quest for Compassion. In this online game, children travel to different countries to learn about the customs, languages, foods, living conditions and spiritual needs of the people who live there. Visit www.questforcompassion.org
  • Kids on Mission. This site features stories and videos of missionaries that appeal to kids. While Southern Baptist Convention missionaries are featured, their denominational affiliation is not emphasized. Visit www.kidsonmission.org
  • Wycliffe. At this site, kids hear stories about the translation of the Bible, past and present, plus games and puzzles. Visit www.wycliffe.org/kids
  • G.C. Kidz Club. This site sponsored by The Christian & Missionary Alliance features exciting stories, activities, information on numerous international workers and information about the countries they serve in. Go to www.cmalliance.org/kidz/kidz.jsp Find out if your church group has a children’s section on its website.
  • Cat & Dog Theology. Using an illustration of “cats and dogs” and how each relates to its master, Cat n Dog Theology challenges Christians to see how we tend, like a cat, to use our Master mainly for getting what we want rather than, like a dog, seeing what loyalty and service our Master deserves from us. The analogy points out the difference between “God living for us” and “us living for God.” A variety of kid-friendly resources including books, study guides, DVDs and CDs are available from www.catndogtheology.com
  • Alliance Video Magazine. Each quarter a new DVD is released that contains video reports of the international work of The C&MA. You can view or download segments at www.cmalliance.org C&MA churches may have copies in the church library.
  • An Introduction to World Evangelization. In this PowerPoint-based CD, a dad and his two kids talk about the task of world evangelization.  Visit www.unveilinglory.com
  • An Introduction to Bible Translation. In this Power-Point-based CD, a dad and his two kids talk about the task of Bible translation, from its roots to the present-day. Visit www.unveilinglory.com
  • An Introduction to Bible Translation. A brother and sister comb the web for cool websites for Christian kids and list their results for you. Most are Christian-based and a few have a missions element. The list is updated as they discover new websites Visit www.christiankidstop100.com
  • My Passport to India – a ten day journey through India for and about kids as part of a homeschooling curriculum. Ten 4-6 minute videos, hosted by Pastor Chris Michaels, show how the next generation in India is being reached through Bible clubs that evolve into churches. Visit www.missionindia.org/sonlight

Would you like to help other parents? If you find a resource that could help other parents nurture a mission and ministry mindset in kids, please contact Rev. Dennis Barta at dennis.barta@gracecma.org

May the Lord guide and bless you as you lead your child!